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About Us

PMW is a leading Swiss investment management company and member (No. 10278) of the Association for Quality Assurance in Financial Services VQF.

At PMW, Our main asset is the trust of our clients and our big promise is to provide them all the needed products and services that help them achieve their objectives. Founded in 1997, by Pierre Würgler, one of the most influential person in Swiss private banking sector. Our unique success is a result of continually striving together for the highest levels of truth and excellence, which lead us to build a lasting relationship with our clients ranging from individuals to institutional.

We build bridges not only over Client’s generations but also by applying a 360 degree view over Client’s needs, providing a complete range of services and source complementary elements of expertise trough our extended network. We have a reputation of innovation, and we provide our clients investment solutions, which has been tested in virtually every market environment, across all asset classes.

With more than 40 years experience in the asset management and family office business, we fully understand the importance of a lasting relationship. We have a history of being the most trusted asset manager in Switzerland, and providing the full transparency for all of our clients. We are a team of advisors and portfolio managers who:

  • Understand the needs and goals of our clients through an ongoing relationship rather than just a conversation.
  • Offering the best in class services completely personalise to each individual of our clients, globally.
  • Developing customised wealth management and investment strategies.
  • Providing 100% clarity and transparency not only for the investment process but also for fees, risks and outcomes.