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Currencies & Commodities Trading

At PMW, we are not only trading currencies in order to hedge the clients’ portfolios but also we are directly put an order in FX market in order to increase the performance of our clients. We provide the local knowledge to our clients and after strategical consultation with our clients, we execute the trade on their behalf. Our Forex experts providing our clients strategic consultation, superior execution as well as excellent research across global foreign exchange trading.

Our clients can benefit from our dedicated FX specialists with the latest technology, to get the most out of their international payment as well as currency exchange. We are providing all professional and personal services such as:

  • International payments and receipts
  • Spot orders
  • Forward contracts
  • International vehicle purchase
  • Foreign real estate

We are investing our client’s money into all different sectors of commodities, such as oil, natural gas, bulk commodities, precious metals as well as agricultural products. Our trade is based on in-house research for all these sectors, as well as secondary research by our different counter parties. For all category of our clients, individual or institutional, we are providing commodity risk management covering sectors such as oil, bulk commodities, metals and agricultural products. Our global team with an extensive experience in commodity trading, providing our clients all necessary services ranging from derivate to physical products as well as leading commodities research.Our expertise in foreign exchange and commodities, along with our deep knowledge in the markets allow us to provide our clients unique investment strategies and solutions. With our market insight, we help our clients to hedge macroeconomic risks as well as geopolitical risk.