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Stock Picking & Bond Trading

PMW asset management founder and president, has the reputation of being the best stock picker for more than 40 years. He has an ability to recognise winning stocks in any market trends and identify new trends, revolutionary businesses and products. He has developed more than thousands portfolios of stocks for different clients based on their investment objectives.Our clients benefit from our daily publication of the winning stocks which we distribute via email.

At PMW, we are analyzing each individual stocks and make a shortlist of the potential picks, based on the stock type, market cap and sector. We regularly monitor price changes of each stock in our client’s portfolio and make sure to have the most up-to-dated company and industry news. We help our clients to prioritise which goal matter the most for them.

Within our fixed income portfolios we cover all different strategies such as:

  • Global Developed Market
  • Global Emerging Market debts
  • Global high-yield

Our bond specialists take factors such as coupon, maturity, bond rating and type as well as general interest rate associated with the bond, into account. We spend lots of time to analysing individual company as well as country in order to select the best bond, which can be either combined with the stocks for our client’s portfolio or be invested individually as a fixed income portfolio. Our fixed income strategies in a nutshell include:

  • Research-based, relative value-driven process.
  • Our specialists‘ coverage of investment debt with global country research and economic developments.
  • Diversification across markets, duration and yield curve
  • Proven investment process, within clear risk framework, with records spanning market cycles