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Fund Selector

At PMW, every year we spend nearly a month to attend the top conferences globally, which are pioneered in introducing the best funds in terms of the management, performance and geographical position across the globe. We are carefully examine each single of these funds by spending more than half a year to interview the fund managers face-to-face and monitor their performance and their strategy day-by-day.

We have introduced our own customized qualitative model, which enables us to create a shortlist of the funds that meet our clients‘ objectives and specified criteria. These parameters are vary from returns, risk characteristics and the nature of the portfolio. We also carry one-to-one interview with the fund manager in order to discover deeper fund-provider perspectives about their firms, their competitors and their performance in different market scenario. All after all, if we approve these funds for our clients needs, then we set up the internal meeting with not only the client and share views with him/her also with our internal team to value the investment.

Simply, our clients can take an advantage of our knowledge and experience to invest more confidently. We help them to build a diversified portfolio or validate their decisions with our shortlist of equity, fixed income and recommended funds.